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Comtronic (Germany)

Comtronic located & manufacture at Germany, deliver electromechanical components, to high precision industrial, Space, Aircraft- and as well as industrial for more than 30 years. 


Comtronic certification acc. EN9100 is the base for highest quality. 
All production steps are realized in house. From development to prototyping, their qualfication to serial production.

Comtronic has its own

  • Automatic lathes

  • High precision milling machines

  • Mold making

  • Injection molding

  • Assembly shops for cables and connectors

  • Clean room class 5000


We realize highest demands like

  • pressure tight up to 250 bar

  • working temperatures up to 360 °C

  • withstanding mechanical stress up to 25.000g

  • hermetically tightness up to 10E-9

  • outstanding EMC shielding